Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Battlefield 3 Premium Keys for End Game

The last addon of Battlefield 3 has now been released, End Game.
For this event, you'll get again Battlefield 3 Premium Keys for nothing but a few clicks!

3 Keys as a sample of BF3 Prem for some quick readers:

984F-2K9L-EIWR-413F for PC
ZH60-95E1-1ZC8-N44W for XBOX
2R0O-FSQ0-19B0-W1GM for PS3

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Keys for Battlefield 3 Aftermath

Since Aftermath has been released, here's a new bunch of Battlefield 3 Premium Keys!
Enjoy the full pleasure of 3 full addons of BF3, and that costless!

If you're lucky enough, get your Premium Key for Aftermath already from here:

XBOX - OC3Q-2YU5-N9S0-M5C2
PS3 - O88O-ZW1S-6T2H-MO86

If they don't work, get yours right here:

For PC:
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Enjoy Battlefield 3 Premium without spending a load of money!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Battlefield 3 Premium Keys - Armored Kill for free!

The new Battlefield 3 Addon, Armored Kill, is out.
But you haven't got access to Battlefield 3 Premium?

No worries! - A new bunch of Free Battlefield 3 Premium Keys is there..
So there can be more lucky Battlefield 3 gamers, being finally able to access the premium content.
So what are you waiting for? Get your free Battlefield 3 Premium Key and start playing Armored Kill!

And, typically, 3x BF3 Premiumkeys for quick readers, who can't wait for Armored Kill:




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Monday, June 25, 2012

Your chance to get a free Battlefield 3 Premium Key


Stand out with exclusive in-game items including the one-of-a-kind ACB-90 knife and a set of Battlefield 3 Premium dog tags. Further customize your experience with Premium-only soldier and weapon camos and unique Assignments.


With Battlefield 3 Premium comes the unique chance to reset your Score/Minute, Kills/Deaths, and Wins/Losses stats if you want a fresh start with your multiplayer soldier. To further recognize your status, we give you queue priority into servers, more decals for your Platoon emblems, and the ability to save your favorite Battle Reports forever.


Own all five uniquely themed expansion packs and play them two weeks early. The classic, reimagined and remastered maps of Back to Karkand; the unrelenting, fast-paced action of Close Quarters; the largest map in Battlefield history featured in Armored Kill, plus two more expansion packs coming soon! Get’em all and get’em at a discount with Battlefield 3 Premium.

You want that? You really want that? Well, which Battlefield 3 player doesn't want the premium expansion pack. Though, the main problm may be the expensive price of $49.99, but NOW you're able to get all these features for free!
How, you may ask. Quite simple: Check this blog out! There willl be a FREE, yes, ONLY FREE Key Giveaway for the active readers of this blog.

The first pack of keys: